The Sense Of Self

I was born with the sense of Self. As a young child, growing up in Manhattan, I would sit in the back of my family’s car while my father drove around the city, looking out the window. It was often very quiet in that car and as I gazed out the window at the sky, I would always sense a presence, something there, a feeling that it was alive and with me. I did not understand what it was I was perceiving as a small child. I do now. I was perceiving the sense of Self. What did I perceive?

As you can see, I have capitalized the first letter of the world Self. This is because what I perceived as a small child was the sense of the larger Self or what is known as Spirit, God, the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. I call it the sense of Self because as a human being, I am perceiving it with my senses as well as with my chakras, my aura, my feelings, my thoughts and because I live in a sensual reality as a human, my physical body. As a child, I perceived this sense of Self very purely. I did not analyze it, I just felt it or you can say, perceived it.

I enjoyed the sense of Self, this perception because I guess I enjoyed what I now call a mystical feeling that it gave me at the time and still does. From that point on, I had an association with the Self that was very intimate but I didn’t realize or truly understand it until I was an adult.

As an adult, I then began to work on this sense of Self. I began to consciously connect with it, to accept it, to allow it in my reality. What happened was that this sense of Self began to assist me in expanding my awareness of it and the realities beyond the ordinary. I began to live in a non-ordinary reality or an alternate reality where this Self guided me and I wasn’t always conscious of its guidance, that is, I didn’t know it was guiding me. There were things that I did and I really didn’t know why I was doing them. Something inside me caused me to act toward my greater destiny and some other thing inside me was able to listen to this sense of Self, pay attention enough to act on the positive impulses it gave me.

Working on my sense of Self helped me to expand my awareness of this and other realities beyond this one we live in and connect with my High Self , the sense of Self that has been my guide all my life steering me into the unknown where all potentials and possibilities exist. By listening to my Higher Self, the only Self that is here because there is only ONE SELF, I have been able to realize many dreams, have abundance, prosperity, happiness, great good fortune, peace and balance. Be aware that not everything in my life has been great. I have been though the ups and downs of life but I have been guided by my Higher Self to view life through the lens of a higher perspective. This
perspective has enabled me to develop appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness for both the good things and the bad things in my life. I still experience the joy and the pain but I now see my life experiences as those things that help me expand my soul’s awareness, enhancing my sense of self and  the Self. The perspective I have gained from the sense of Self has been fortuitous.

May I encourage you to allow the sense of Self in yourself.


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