The Micro Of The Macro

My destiny in this lifetime was to realize, accept, allow and be the micro of the Macro. What? Please let me explain. All my life, I have felt a mystical presence in my life. I did not understand what is was until now. What I have come to see is that I am a microcosmic cell of God, Spirit, the Universe, the All There Is or whatever you wish to call God. I am a microcosmic aspect of the Macrocosmic reality of God. Just like each cell in my body is a microcosmic aspect of me and all my cells together make up what I am as a human and Spirit in the Macroscosmic sense of a whole human with trillions of cells; so too am I a cell in the body of God with all the aspects, characteristics, abilities and realities of God itself. I am a cell of God having a physical experience as a human. What does this signify?

This signifies that I am God also. I am not ALL of God, just a cell of God but God nonetheless. If you go to the Himalayan mountains and take a piece of that mountain with you in your pocket, it is still the Himalayas but is in your pocket. It has not changed to be something else even though you took it out of the mountain. It is the same idea with being God both inside and out. I don’t see or experience God as just “out there.” I am God inside and out just like my physical cells are me inside and out. The implications of this are enormous in that if I am a cell of God then I can do what God does: Create, manifest at will.

I acknowledge now that I am a co-creator with God right here, right now. What this means is that I have no limitations. I am Cosmic. I can do whatever God does and the fact that I am God-conscious means that I can be felt on the other side of the Cosmos just like the cell in my toe can feel the cell in my brain. My cells are both physically aware and are God-conscious at the same time.

This is antithetical to the prevailing religious beliefs of humankind. Humanity has it in their head that they are seeing God only “out there” which is a limitation of epic proportions. They believe that they are not the mountain even though they are a piece of it. I say again, they don’t believe they are the mountain. Most of the humans on Earth don’t see themselves as God inside, as the microcosm of the Macrocosm. This is a limitation and they have chosen to be limited. I have chosen to accept, allow and be God both inside and out. What I am inside, which is God, touches, speaks to, connects with God that is outside. Just like the healthy cells in my body speak to all the other cells in my body and know they are in health, so too does my beingness of God consciousness “speak” to all the cells in the body of God.

You can say that I am an “aware” cell in the body of God. I am aware that I am a piece of God and have all the functions of God. Anything I can intend, I can have. Anything that I can imagine, I can
create. I am a piece of God, a cell of God in a manifestation of a human having the experiences of humanity as well as Spirit. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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