Take Back Your Power

I have taken back my power. I no longer give my power away to anyone and anything. I have accepted my Ascended Master status which is spiritual strength and power. Nothing has power OVER me but Spirit has power WITH me as I am a luminary, a sage, a wise one and a supreme manifestor. Why is this so important?

This is very important because we live on a planet where 80 to 90% of the people here have given up their power to something or someone else. For example, many people give up their power to a guru or money or a church or a teacher or the government or a religious or political idea in that they are convinced these things hold power OVER them. They believe their power comes from something or someone else and that they, themselves, are devoid of power. This is false. All humans are born with power, the power of their soul, the power of their Spirit, the power of their being God also. What God is, they are. This is what is meant by man being made in the image of God. Man IS God, WITH ego. God IS man, MINUS ego. See what I mean?

So, why has most of mankind given up its power? The reason mankind has given up its power is because it has been conditioned to by religion and society in order to be controlled, to be approved of, to be judged, to be compared with and to compete with. A very good example is all the killing, proselytizing, missionary work people around the world are doing in competition with who has the “truest” religion. Contrary to popular opinion, all religions are true. God doesn’t care how you come to know God, as long as you are coming to know God. To be in egocentricity when coming to know God is the loss of power because you give up your power to that which is outside you. You say, “God is over there” when God is inside you and inside everything. This is God’s country where everything
is alive with God’s Spirit, with infinite intelligence.

I encourage you to take back your power. It’s OK to admit that you are an Ascended Master or on the fast track to becoming one. If you feel powerless, stop giving your power away. Stop making things and people more powerful than you. A cell phone does not own you. Money does not own you. A press agent does not own you. They are not more powerful than you. Get out of your conditioned somnambulant state and see, with clarity, that you are all powerful.

Take back your power. Don’t waste another second feeling powerless.


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