One of the biggest inner discoveries of my life was finding out that in order to be accepted by others, to be able to belong to the outer community, I had to accept myself first. What does that mean, accept yourself first? I found out that self-acceptance meant liking, loving myself, my persona/psyche/ego just the way it was, good, bad or indifferent. It meant dropping my self-loathing and learning to be exactly who and what I am and then looking at what behaviors no longer served me and working on bettering how I interacted with myself and others. When I accepted myself totally, I found myself being accepted by the community at large. I became authentic. I was me and that was good enough for me. I didn’t need to change me in the sense that I needed to be someone else or strive for some glamorous but false notion of the perfect person. I could be me and a better version of me as I continued to work on shoring up my weaknesses and capitalizing on my strengths. Why is this important?

From my experience with self-acceptance, with fully accepting myself, this perspective of life is critical because it allows us to follow our true destiny and one can only do that by being exactly who they are. Once you accept who you are, blemishes and all, you begin to attract all that is needed to achieve your destiny in life. Remember, you attract what you are. If you are not authentically yourself, you attract that which is contrary to who you really are and become imbalanced, out of touch with the core of your being. You not being you and wanting to be someone else Is playing a game of hide and seek with your real self. It becomes a life of frustration because you don’t live according to your own natural self but the sense of self of another. You allow who you are to be determined by someone else. You are always on the outside looking in.

How did I achieve full self-acceptance? While it took me a long time, it was a matter of examining
myself, seeing what was there, finding out who I really am, discovering my true weaknesses, strengths, my likes and dislikes, my talents, my beliefs and my desires. I say that this took me a long time because this effort of self-discovery of my real self was not only a difficult process, it was also difficult for me to believe who I really was.

All my life I thought I was less than others, weak, worthless, when I come to find out that I am very powerful and that others wanted to be just like me. That was a huge revelation for me and I had to accept that I am very powerful.  To accept yourself takes effort. It takes delving deep into yourself and seeing what’s there. It takes guts, bravery and persistence. Even though it was a struggle, it paid off big dividends because in the end, I discovered who I really am and I accepted ALL OF WHO I AM WITHOUT RESERVATIONS. It was the key to my greatest successes in life and achieving all my dreams. Self-acceptance, I found, is truly the key, the secret, the giant step to a life of power.


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