Own Your Grandeur

It is time to own your grandeur, not your grandiosity.” What you experience is your own state of consciousness projected. Your experience is your perception and nothing else is really happening except your perception of it. Why am I talking about this and what does it mean?

I am finding in my experiences with myself and other people that there is a tendency for us to give up our power to those who we believe have the “answers” to making us healthier, prettier, sexier, wealthier, smarter and that we, ourselves, are devoid of these attributes and need someone to give us these states of being. We believe in the grandiosity of others because we don’t own, accept, allow our own grandeur. We don’t see, are not aware of the fact that within us is all we need and we are enough just as we are with everything built into us but we simply are convinced that we can’t own our own grandeur. We are convinced that we are less than these others who promise to make us better. This believing that the power to make us better is in the hands of others is a reflection of our state of consciousness which is one of lack, disempowerment, self-loathing, hopelessness and suffering born of a lack of total awareness that prosperity and abundance is already inside us. ALREADY INSIDE US.  Don’t get me wrong. There are times when an advisor, a teacher, a counselor is needed to assist us in realizing that we have the power to realize our dreams. These advisors come in many forms but the pitfall is giving up our power to these advisors where we believe we can’t do it without them. It’s like Dumbo, the circus elephant, in the Disney animated movie. Dumbo is givin a feather by his friend, the mouse, who tells him it’s a magic feather that can help him to fly. Dumbo believes it’s a magic feather and does indeed fly with the feather safely tucked in his trunk. Through losing the feather while flying, Dumbo realizes he doesn’t need the feather. He realizes HE IS THE MAGIC FEATHER because he sees that he can fly without it!!! That’s owning your grandeur and not your grandiosity.

No one else can perceive for you. No one else can create your reality for you no matter what they tell you in a seminar, retreat, book, webinar, Ashram, Church,Temple, Synagogue, etc. There is no one else in your experience but you. Your experience of you is your perception of you. If you want a better experience of you, that is, you want to be better, you have to change your perception of you. This is where owning your grandeur comes in. Owning your grandeur means that you take back the responsibility for what you are perceiving about yourself. You have the misguided perception that others hold more power than you and you give up your power to them believing that by doing this, they will help you to change your perception of yourself. No one can change your perception of yourself. This is a solo endeavor. To own your own grandeur you have to perceive that you are already filled with the ability to create, manifest, to make your dreams come true, to be all that you can be, that you are already filled with abundance, prosperity and riches beyond your wildest imagination.

There are many CONfidence men out there promoising to make your better in every way. They are just a catalyst to help you jumpstart your awareness that the abundance is INSIDE you, not OUTSIDE you. The rest of the journey to your successes are up to you. While your advisors may assist you, it is you that must take and do the steps. This is a reality on every level of what we are. While a doctor can assist us in getting well, it is us that must do the prescribed things to continue on the path of healing.

If someone says that they are going to make your rich and all you need to do is give them a check for $35,000.00; run the other way as fast as you can. What these people are showing you is their
grandiosity. Their grandiosity can NEVER provide you with a way to own your own grandeur.


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