Mindfulness Is Not Emptiness

From my experiences with being mindful, it does not mean practicing being empty; it means focusing on one’s sense of awareness without thinking, without letting thoughts take one away from the awareness of the present moment. Why is the concept of mindfulness as pure awareness and not emptiness relevant now?

Practicing mindfulness, the pure awareness of being in the present moment is relevant now because it teaches us the true nature of reality which is the ever present now and not the past or future which are time contsructs that we have built for ourselves to give us a sense of motion through space. It’s not real. What’s real is this now moment where everything happens and where we are filled with beingness and not the distractions of ideas, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that take us away from being present and touching that presence within us. What it means to me to be truly empty is to be always thinking about the past or future and not being the awareness that I am now.

When I am mindful, I see my awareness and nothing else. I could be doing the laundry and being mindful as I concentrate on putting the clothes in the washing machine without thinking about what I’m going to have for lunch but simply being present with myself in my awareness that continues to exist. I am in the mind of the Soul, the Spirit that I am. I feel this awareness and know that I am this awareness as a continuum through infinity. What this helps me see is that I am not my mind, I am not my body. I am an awareness that is having a sensual experience in the format of a human being. My real self is this awareness, not my thoughts, not my feelings, not my body and I practice being with this awareness through mindfulness practices where I concentrate on the sense of being aware, stopping my thoughts and feelings as I do any action.

I enjoy doing walking mindfulness meditations where I walk slowly, keeping myself clear of thoughts and feelings and just looking at how my awareness is. With this practice I can be really full, full of my ever-present awareness that cannot die. Everything in that moment comes more alive.

The true state of emptiness is filling our minds with all the distractions around us. I have found that what I am truly distracting myself from is that I am abundant without things. I am filled with potential, prosperity, abundance and so much more and I am afraid of that since it means that I am responsible for my creations.

I cannot point my finger at anyone else for the consequences of my actions. Being mindful helps me to be in that place of potential and not in the place of distraction which is the true place of emptiness.


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