I Cleanse My Subconscious

I have found that my subconscious mind is a storehouse for everything I believe about myself whether it’s true or not. My subconscious mind takes both the real and unreal things I say to myself, whether they are true or not and stores them until I decide that they are no longer serving me. In this way, I cleanse my subconscious. Why is this critical?

It is critical to cleanse your subconscious because, whether you know it or not, it is the receptacle of all that you are consuming, good, bad or indifferent and those ideational programs simply keep rehashing themselves in your subconscious mind like a program in a computer you have not signed out of. What happens is that these unidentifiable programs you keep in the deep recesses of your mind are influencing your day to day life without you being consciously aware of them. For example, you may desire to be successful and have lots of money and no matter what you do, you can never achieve the level of monetary success you desire. The reason for this lack is that somewhere in your subconscious mind is the belief that money is bad, you don’t deserve it or is the root of all evil, etc. You desire money but your subconscious is sabotaging you from achieving your dream because your mind is confused with two opposing beliefs you are telling yourself, one is your conscious mind where you say that you want lots of money and the other is your subconscious mind that says money is evil. These thoughts are cancelling out any good actions you do to be successful. Most people have many of these conflicting doo-loops operationing as open programs in their subconscious mind. What do to?

This is where cleansing your subconscious comes in. How does one cleanse one’s subconscious? They are a number of techniques including hypnotherapy that can help you connect the dots and
assist you in shutting down these subconscious programs that are not serving your highest interests. Getting therapy and talking it out with a therapist is another form of facing yourself and seeing what things in your subconscious are sabotaging your success. Another excellent tool for digging into your subconscious mind is meditation. This is where you go within and specifically ask yourself to show you what in your subconscious mind needs cleansing. At first, you may need guided meditations, that is, someone who is trustworthy and proficient at guiding you into your subconscious and assisting you in closing down the subconscious program that is affecting you negatively.

I have found that this work of cleansing your subconscious mind takes dedication, patience and perseverance because you are dealing with years of beliefs running in your subconscious mind that have guided your behavior and now you are delving into the deeper part of yourself in order to change your behavior. It’s hard work but well worth it.

I have done this work and believe me when I tell you that I was surprised at what I believed and what programs I had that were still running in my subconscious mind. I had all kinds of beliefs that I had grown out of but were still affecting my life in negative ways.  If you have never done this kind of work before, I highly encourage you to find a trusted and knowledgeable person who can guide you in cleansing your subconscious and teach you how to do this for yourself.

All I can say is that it will free you from being held prisoner by thoughts and beliefs that you don’t even know are diminishing your life. This work takes facing yourself and going within. If this type of work is foreign to you, it will feel a little strange at first this delving into the inner regions of your mind. In the end, it is, from what I have experienced, well worth the effort. The biggest result that I have seen is being able to manifest things in my life with nothing blocking them because I found that the greatest blocks to my success were my own subconscious fears.


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