Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I Am Feeling My Light Body

My Spirit, my soul has asked me to concentrate on my Spirit, my soul. I often wondered why it did this, what did it want from me? I discovered that in this lifetime, it was my destiny to connect with and be my Spirit, be my soul in order to not only accept that I am Spirit, I am soul having a human experience but that I can function from Spirit, from soul while I am in my body. What happened then?

When I began to accept that I am Spirit, I am soul, these aspects of myself spoke to me and let me know that I was not emanating Light, my Spirit, my soul. These aspects were emanating me. The Light that I saw around me was not coming from me, the human. I, the human, was being projected by my Light body. My Light body was the creator of my human body and I, the human, was in my Light body and not my Light body in my human body. See what I mean?

What this lead to was actually getting communiques from my Light body. It started “talking” to me but not as humans talk in a spoken language. This Light body language was in the language of sensing, of a feeling and the feelings were very clear and precise so that there would be no mistake in what my Light body was telling me. It also speaks in pictures just like when I dream. In this case, I saw a bluish, white Light surrounding me and it gave me a sense of a very powerful entity, a very solid being like the rock of Gibraltar. Believe what you want of this and it was my experience with my Light body which I now realize I am in. My Light body is not in me, I am in my Light body. So, now, when I see the Light emanating off of me, I know that I am seeing my real self. Why is this important?

This is important to the collective consciousness of humanity because humanity believes that the physical is all there is and has made up all these imaginary things about Spirit which are misguided. What things are those? The biggest misconception is that Spirit is separate from us, that Spirit is “out there” somewhere, in some place else. Another one is that when we die, we go back to Spirit. False. We are Spirit now having a human experience and when we died, we simply are our Light bodies right here, right now. There is no going anywhere. You’re still in your same consciousness, whatever that was while you were having your human experience.

These days, I am feeling my Light body. I see it, I feel it, I acknowledge and function from it. This makes me an aware soul traveler. I am a conscious being having a conscious human experience. I believe this is something for you to consider for yourself as well.

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