Grounded Or Untethered

My discovery about having more happiness in my life was in choosing to be mindful in my actions rather than untethered in my actions. What do I mean by this? I found out that by approaching my experiences mindfully, that is, going into my experiences with intent, with a reason for doing them whether they were for amusement, recreation or learning, caused me to have a more grounded experience as opposed to what I call an “untethered” experience in which I am distracted and not paying attention to how I really feel in that moment. When I am unthethered, I am unconscious and not connected to myself. Why does this matter?

I feel that it matters to be mindful rather than mindless because when you are experiencing mindfullness, you are enjoying a richer experience. All of the senses are engaged including the sense of Self. You are tripping on acid without taking the acid. It’s a deeper experience where you are with yourself and feel yourself. You are more alive.

Now, who wouldn't want to have a more alive experience? I have found that those who are afraid of confronting their aliveness are more want to distract themselves into an unthethered, unconscious state. They just can’t handle being alive and that is experiencing both the light and the darkness within. Being truly connected to yourself and grounded is a very powerful state of being and takes some getting used to.

How do you start on the path of mindfulness? First, stop doing everything for recreational reasons. Sure, you can approach some experiences for recreation but not as a lifestyle because it tends to be one big distraction from yourself and leaves you essentially wanting, empty and unhappy. True contentment comes from the richer, mindful experiences where you are conscious of why you are doing something. Life IS a party but you can’t always be unconsciously trashing your body with sex, drugs and rock n roll if you want to have a sense of  inner awareness and connection to Self which is the real state of joy and happiness that most people seek.

Make distracting yourself the exception rather than the rule, I say. Confront what is inside and laugh at your demons. Stay grounded my friends, drink from the fountain of awareness.


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