Thursday, April 26, 2018

God Is Man Minus Ego

Man has made what man calls “God” in his own image. Many people in and out of the major religions see God as an old man with a white robe, long beard, sitting in a place called heaven which they believe is in the sky. Nonsense. Rubbish. Lies. God is not a man, not a human at all. God is a consciousness, an energy that is in everything including human beings. What I have discovered being close to the consciousness, the energy of God is that God is man minus ego. What does this mean?

Man is a being created by God with the infusion of a thought construct called ego. Ego creates the persona and psyche and is a major part of the singularity of each person on Earth. This ego structure makes us believe we are different from each other when in fact we are all God masquerading in a human costume so that we can navigate this dense matrix three D reality called Earth life. God has no ego and has created man in its image. God is not in us; we are in God. What we are is God’s avatar, walking the Earth in a human format. We are Spirit having a human experience. We humans are God plus ego. See what I mean?

Ego is the part of man that wants to say that it can do it alone, without God. That is the nature of ego. The reality is that we are God in human form. We are in God. We are God with ego. God is man minus ego. God does not desire to control, approve, judge, compete and compare with humans or anything else. Man desires the above things because this is the domain of the ego. However, because man has made God in his image, man puts onto God all the egoic structures that are in man so that man can identify with God as something like him. God is not like man. God has no ego. God just is.

God is man minus ego. If you are in a body and roaming the Earth in a human format, you are having a human experience and at the same time you are Spirit, God, the Universe, the Cosmos, the All There Is having a sensual interlude that it seeks to have to experience more of itself.

Don’t be blinded from the truth: Man is God plus ego.

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