Do I Really Need To Share My Insights?

A trusted spiritual friend of mine remarked the other day that my spiritual realizations that I share were egocentric in nature and that while it was OK to share my musings, while it was OK to come from the ego a touch, it was egotistic at its core. He said that based on this, there is NO NEED to share my realizations with anyone. I thought about what he said for a few days and here is what I believe.

There is no way for me not to come from ego. I am a human composed of a persona/psyche/ego and part of my awareness sees life through the lens of my smaller self. When I share my spiritual realizations, there IS a part of it that is ego in that there is some desire to control, approve, judge, compete and compare but what is the motivation?  At the same time, my ego’s desire to aggrandize is important because it is a gateway to higher spiritual awareness. I need my egocentric ability to hear what my Spirit and soul are telling me and I have to have the will to accept it for myself and to be a wayshower for others. I can certainly keep it all to myself but I find this to be un-spiritual.

I decided that sharing my spiritual thoughts was also based on seeking affirmation and corroboration of my spiritual experience to see if I am on the right path, to see whether my thoughts are being guided by Spirit, soul or are they just self-centered mental chatter. I decided that when I speak about my spiritual thoughts, I am looking to see what others experience so that I may validate that it IS something we all are going though in our collective journey to soul enhancement and that I am on the right path. I decided that I am not looking to be better than or compete with anyone in spiritual oneupsmanship. I am not trying to top anyone. I am simply working on being better.

If it is true that when I speak about my spiritual thoughts that I am ego-driven, what does that say for all of those who have shared their spiritual thoughts in the Bible, the Koran, in other sacred texts, in all the books written about spiritual ideas and experiences? Are they all just ego? Can we really say their motivations were just all ego or a touch of ego? I think not.

All I can say is that these spiritual realizations that I have definitely boost my sense of self and for me it is the sense of Higher Self not my little self where I want to aggrandize a “I am better than you,” or “I am further ahead of you on the spiritual path” type of attitude. These spiritual realizations that I have that I post here help me to sharpen my quiet confidence. Yes, there must be some egocentric aspect to my spiritual realizations because I have an ego and I perceive it as the gateway to apprehending the more ethereal realities that are here. I can say that I am NOT egocentric, I am behaving egoically and that is OK with me as long as I don’t use it to dominate others.


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