You Attract What You Are

You attract into your reality, your life, your situation, what you are. What does that mean, “what you are” and why do so many people have difficulty understanding and functioning as they are?

What you are is what your dominant thoughts, what you say, beliefs, feelings and actions are. These activities and practices combine to create your persona, your psyche, your ego, your character, your behavior, that is who you are in this physical world. These all combine to create a vibrational frequency, like a note played by a piano that vibrates at a certain frequency. It is that frequency of vibration that we create that matches the vibrational frequency of that which is like it. For example, if you vibrate thoughts of hate, anger, distrust, etc., you will attract more hate, anger, distrust into your life as the people you attract, the situations and opportunities that you attract. If you wonder why you are always attracting bad or abusive people into your life relationships, look no further than your nose for it is you and your vibrational frequency that is attracting them. It is you who must change your frequency to attract a better person in your life.

Many refuse to believe this and keep thinking, feeling, saying and believing the same things and getting the same bad results in their lives. They think it’s about something or someone outside themselves doing this TO them. They think it’s about bad luck or being less fortunate or getting bad breaks,etc. There’s no such thing as bad luck, being less fortunate or getting bad breaks.

Each of us creates our own reality with our thoughts, feelings, what we say, believe and how we act. We manifest our reality by how we ARE!!!!  We attract into our reality, our lives, what we are.

If you want to change your life for the better, don’t look outside yourself; look within and see how you think, believe, feel, act, what you say. These are you. These are how you are known. These are vibrations of frequency that tune you into the same reality as you are. If your thoughts are negative, you are tuning into those negative thoughts and they will be given to you as the so-called Universe doesn’t distinguish between whether you ask it for good or bad. It gives you exactly what you are as you have created it.

Creation is an is-ness, not a business. Be better, get better.


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