We Can Know God

We humans have the capacity to know God, to know Spirit because we are conscious beings aware of  ourselves. Without this consciousness, there is no ability to know God, to know ourselves. Our consciousness gives us a level of awareness and we have an antenna built into our physical vehicle that is able to perceive God. This “antenna” exists as what is known as the seventh chakra located at the bregmatic fontanelle at the top of our head. This point on our head is where Spirit pours in and pours out in the form of a vortex, a whirling wheel of energy. With this chakra, we can perceive, we are aware of God, of Spirit, of the mystical, of the metaphysical.

Is there a problem here? Yes. So, what is the problem? The problem is that humans are perceiving God from lower energy levels, in this case, the energy level of the ego. This is the perception of the second chakra located in the solar plexus. It is not the seventh chakra that is built for perceiving God in a pure form. How do I know this? I know this from the behavior of humans who try to say God is a man or a woman and their God is better than anyone else’s God. Humans also kill other humans if they don’t believe in God the way that they do, are going around the world as missionaries trying to convince others that their way of knowing God is the best, the only way there is. This is pure egocentric behavior and not perceiving, let alone knowing God in its purest form because no human has the goods on God. God can be perceived and known in many ways and those ways are good enough for how each human, each person perceives God when they are perceiving from the pure energies of the seventh chakra, not egotistically.

To think that your way of knowing God is better, is the best, is what I would call the height of arrogance and there are many religions that have so-called missionary work as part of their every day practice of their religion. These religions who practice this missionary work are practicing high arrogance and high egocentricity. Now, if these religions want to set up nonjudgemental, unconditional charities to help people and not proselytize, then they are truly practicing unconditional love and compasssion. Otherwise, they are salespeople peddling a religion for money to fill the coffers of their church so they can outlast other churches, they can tell the world they are the best, the true religion. Nonsense.

We can know God without the frills because we are built to know God naturally. That natural way of
knowing God is our consciousness. When you try to perceive God through your ego, that’s a low awareness where you practice idolatry. God does not care how you perceive it. We can know God but very few do while they kid themselves thinking and believing they do.


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