There Is No Getting Money

From what I have experienced with having once been in lack consciousness, there is no such thing as getting anything, that is, no action is required in bringing anything into our human reality including money. I have found that money is in direct relationship to attraction and allowing, not action. What are the implications of this?

The implications of this are earth-shattering as most of the humans on earth are breaking their backs to earn a nickel when in reality it’s not about breaking a sweat at first. Anything that you manifest in your life comes first from a relationship with how you think and feel about it. So, if money is in direct relationship to attraction and allowing, one first must think and feel abundant and prosperous and be that vibration, that frequency before the subconscious mind goes to work creating the actionable steps of the right people, circumstances and situations that will assist in manifesting money in one’s reality. You have to stop the lack belief systems like “money is the root of all evil” and beliefs like that that are playing in a do loop in your subconscious mind preventing you from having it all.

There is no “getting” money. There is only being a magnet for money in your thoughts and feelings as you attract what you are. If you’re not vibrating abundance, if you are not feeling and thinking prosperity, it does not show up in your life because your subconscious believes what you have told it and you have told it that you are not abundant and prosperous. The subconscious does not distinguish between whether a thing is true or not. It only believes what you tell it to believe. If you tell it (the “it” is yourself) that you are in the process of “getting” money, you are telling it that money is not in your vibration, your frequency, your reality and you will always be in the process of “getting.” When you believe you are prosperous, abundant and deserving of riches and allow those riches to come into your domain without obsesseing, sweating, toiling or demeaning yourself, your subconscious mind goes to work to set up the right actionable realities for material wealth to appear in your life and it begins with being with the right people, circumstances and situations that will assist you in bringing money to you.

There is no getting. You don’t get money. You attract and allow money. Once you  have money, it attracts more and more money. The only block to money is your lack consciousness which says that you don’t deserve.


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