The Soul Decides, The Identity Follows

From my experience with myself and others, I have seen that the soul and not our persona/psyche/ego decides our destiny, our path in life. Before we incarnate into human form, our soul decides who our parents are going to be and the life lesson we will embark on to clear our karma. We choose our body as well to also help achieve our life agenda. Our human identity is not the decision maker in our birth or death. The soul decides, the identify follows. This is not a pronouncement on my part; it is something I know from experiencing it many times over, living as a human on Earth.

Here’s the way it works: the soul is the true leader, the true decider, the true experiencer of the life you lead in a human body. Your soul enters a body it has chosen for many complex reasons including that this particular body with its persona/psyche/ego will be well suited to the plans you have made as a soul to accomplish in this particular lifetime. For example, let’s say you come into a lifetime with the persona/psyche/ego talent and passion to become a Broadway star. You do all the actionable steps to achieve that goal including moving to New York City if you don’t already live there. As you are right at the nexus point of achieving your goal, you soul steps in with a two by four and gives you a traumatic wake up call in some physical way and says no, no, this is not your path, your path is to learn how to be in service to others, not about glamor, fame and being all into yourself. If you listen to this wake up call, you change course and find a path that will put you in service to other-self. This is your soul’s reason for incarnating, the lesson you need to learn in this lifetime which is how to help others achieve their dreams while not forgetting yourself.

Many times, because humans have free will, they will not listen to this wake up call and just go on like nothing happened, never fulfilling the goal that their soul intended in this lifetime. I’ve seen it
happen. Eventually, the destiny is fulfilled if not in the current lifetime then in a future one. The soul reigns supreme and will have its way. The identity is created to just follow, to experience for the soul, to be the avatar that does the actionable, physical steps in achieving the soul’s destiny. However, the soul must have a body that at least hears its call becuase if the soul’s desires fall on deaf ears, that’s called rinse and repeat where the identity keeps having similar experiences over and over again until
the karma is cleared. The soul always gives the body a chance but when it’s time for the piper to be paid, the soul just does its thing.

I say, “listen to your soul’s promptings.” It is telling you these things for a reason. Your soul will always speak to you in positive terms, I have found. The identity, your human self on the level of ego, will speak to you in negative terms. That’s why it’s a follower.


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