The Separation Consciousness Of Humanity

Humanity’s ego has it living in separation consciousness and humanity is so entrenched in this separation belief system that it actually believes in this false construct. What does this mean?

Having separation consciousness means you believe that Spirit is separate or outside of you,
somewhere else other than inside or a part of you. In separation consciousness, you see Spirit, God as other than you and you see everything as objects rather than as Spirit itself in form. You see the physical manifestation of Spirit as dead and clinical and believe that Spirit exists in a construct called
Heaven and you cannot explain where Heaven is. You practice religion, read sacred texts, practice meditation, seek the wisdom of spiritual teachers all the while believing that all that you are seeking is not a part of you, is not you, is over there somewhere. This is a misguided belief system born of being conditioned to believe that you are not spirit having a human experience. You are conditioned to believe that you are human having a spiritual experience.

From my perception and experience as Spirit itself having a human experience, I know and accept
that I am Spirit having a human experience. Being human is simply an experience my Spirit, my Soul is having in order to experience itself in the most dense of vibrational frequency realities to learn how to know its God consciousness in a 3D reality. Sounds simple, right? It’s not. It’s treacherous because humans can easily become pawns of fixated belief systems that seek to diminish humanity’s sovereign status as free Spirit.

It is time to get out of the prison of separation consciousness that has humanity putting what they have imagined as sacred and divine on a pedestal. Putting Divinity on a pedestal is egotistical because everyone is of Spirit, everyone is spiritual, everyone is God in form and no one is better or higher
than anyone else. Every human is sacred and no Rabbi, Priest, Imam, Monk, Guru, Pope or any other person is more than anyone else. Don’t be fooled into believing you are less. You are born of Spirit just like these gurus are. They have nothing on you. Believe in yourself and begin to release your separation consciousness and start being the Law of One, Unity Consciousness that says we are all in this together.

We are all Spirit. Humans are not separate from Spirit, from God. We are God in form and that form
is meant to inform us. What does it inform us of? Our humanity informs us that we can enter any dimension, including a 3D matrix and still experience the expanding awareness of our soul.


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