Love Is What?

What is Love? From my experience with the Force Of Love, Love is soul expression and is contained in every human being and all other beings as well. When you come to know, accept and be the Love you are, you will see that Love is in every human being meaning that all humans ARE THE

What’s the significance of this? Seeing that you are Love and that everyone is also Love, that you express Love from your soul, you will experience universal commonality and connection and no longer feel adrift, lonely, alone, sad or disconnected. Love is everyone’s soul expression and seeing
Love in everyone creates a bond between people that is everlasting. What is the problem then?

There is a problem in that most of humanity discounts Love as glamour, weakness and trivial since it sees Love as a feeling and not the Force that it is. Love is soul Force and is not a concept to be thought of or about. Love is a Force that emanates from all beings since it is an expression of soul which is an expression of Spirit, Of God.

Most humans discount Love, don’t believe or accept that it is a real Force of nature and allow themselves to remain isolated and believe that there are humans that are less than them because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, how much money they have, how educated they are or what country they live in. These are false notions originating from the blind ego. Ego sees Love as candy, to be eaten and devoured in an insatiable, gluttonous and greedy frenzy with concern only for the self.

The Force of Love is concerned with self and beyond self. It recognizes the larger Self, that is, it recognizes the larger soul Self that is in all of us, in all beings and things. It is the final frontier of realization that we as a species are not an “I,” we are a “We.”


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