I Am the New Earth Reality

I am the new Earth reality. What is that reality and how do I know that I am it? From my experiences of the last ten years, I have had great abundance, prosperity, blessings, miracles and sychronicity as part of my every day life. Manifesting what I desire comes easily. That is the new Earth reality, the natural one that was always there and I know that I am it because I am living these manifestations.

As a result of being the new Earth reality, I forgive everyone, including myself, I have no fear, I have let go of expectations and simply know that all is well, I have everything that I need, I feel peaceful, happy and contented. I no longer seek to dominate, control, approve, opine, compete, compare, get angry, feel depressed, get sick and most of all, feel greedy, needy and self-pity. Why aren’t more people experiencing the new Earth reality?

The reason more people on Earth are not experiencing the new Earth reality is because they are so used to the old one, the one where they are lack consciousness. They are too comfortable in the old energies of dis-empowerment. It feels so good to them. They are scared of having the power of creating their own abundance at will. They are afraid of being a master of the Universe. This comes from millennia of conditioning from religion and society that tells them they are sinners without any power of their own and have to go through somenone else in order to manifest, to create miracles. Most of the Earth’s peoples are asleep at the wheel believing that prosperity is a thing you get when it’s a state of being that you are. Prosperity is an inside job. You have to BE prosperity before you GET prosperity. Being prosperity is the new Earth reality.

It is definitely weird at first when everything seems to manifest in your reality and I mean good
things that appear in your life from money, people, circumstances, situations and material possessions. The new Earth reality as I have experienced it is never being without. My needs are always fulfilled.

You might think that I am lying here, that this is false. That’s fine but while you are thinking that this is just a bunch of baloney, I am over here enjoying the new Earth reality with everything that I need in my reality.

I think the question you need to ask is, “how do I become the new Earth reality?”


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