Most of humanity lives on the level of what is called “glamor.” What does that mean? That means that most people live mostly through the lens of ego where everything is sensual, of the psyche, the mind, the intellect, rational, illusory, impermanent, mostly of the conscious mind. There is not much below the surface in living at the level of “glamor.” The best way to describe “glamor” is by calling it what it truly is: surface level.

A good example, for me, of what glamor is, is how humans treat love as glamorous. We celebrate love with a holiday called Valentine’s Day where we give our special person hearts and flowers, chocolates, etc. and keep it all surface level instead of facing the truth that Love is a Force not a glamorous thought construct. It’s not even an emotion. Love is a power that has been glamorized. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in sentiment and showing affection but I also believe in going beneath the surface to where the Force of Love really lives.  When I’m in the Force of Love with my special person, I am also caring, compassionate, concerned, supportive, appreciative, grateful and thankful all the time, not just on Valentine’s Day. I am also unconditional loving. The glamor of love is conditional as in you must be, do and mean something to me for me to love you. When you are in the Force of Love, you are just loving and there’s nothing that special person need do to gain your Love. Please don’t twist this and say I condone being with abusive people and you must stay in an abusive relationship showing the Force of Love. While you may continue to love that abusive person, there is no need to accept abuse from another as a condition of being loved. Sorry but abuse isn’t love. Abuse is hurting. Hurt people hurt people. Don’t stay in an abusive relationship based on the mistaken notion that there is love there. There isn’t. The Force of Love holds no grievances. It is a deep feeling that goes to the very depths of the soul. It is the most profound spiritual experience in my perception.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing the matter with being glamorous on occasion as we all enjoy that surface level experience from time to time but to wholly identify with glamor as a way of life is to relinquish what we are as humans: a complex nature that goes very deep and way beyond the surface level of glamor. Glamor is illusory and if you live that way all the time, I believe you live in a demented house of cards.

Be glamorous by being the Force of Love, not the illusion of it.


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