Garnering The Greatest Experience From Your Life Plan

From my experience, it is our use of the great gift of free will that allows us to explore the potentials in the themes of our life that we came here to unfold that is our greatest tool in fomenting and realizing our life plan.

To give you an example from my life: the great theme of my life was remembering my self-worth where I had many experiences of looking at myself through the lens of my relationships. I had many relationships where people intimidated me in the early part of my life. This was a reflection of the major theme in my life of discovering my true potential as a very powerful being who made others feel intimidated just by my presence, often by my self-actualizations. I was not an intimidator. I always put myself down, thought less of myself while others were afraid of my power. I had to overcome this lack of self-worth with my free will of being able to speak up and express my truth, my true feelings, be myself. I self-actualized by becoming an actor, singer, mime, public speaker and radio media executive where I had to exert my free will and face people in an assertive posture. I learned how to reach an important potential of accepting that I was not less, not weak but very powerful with great self-esteem.

These realizations and self-actualizations of the themes of my life of self-worth gave me the greatest experiences from which I learned how to reach the potential I had to be a great expressor of my truth, the truth that I am a powerful being capable of manifesting realities at will.

All of us have been granted free will but most of us waste it by not using it to garner the greatest experiences of our lives which are the experiences of self-actualizing the major themes of our lives that we came here for. It took me many years to self-actualize but it started with the feeling that there was something more for me to do in this life, it took me seeing that I had to accept who I really am: An Ascended Master.

I would say that if you want to put what I did in words, it’s “I took a quantum leap of faith!” That quantum leap landed me in a new paradigm, a paradigm where I was the real me. May I encourage you to be the real you as there is no greater experience in life.


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