Being A Change Agent

I didn’t realize I was a change agent until later in life. I knew, in my early adult years, that I was highly adaptive but I didn’t know that I could effect change with my being. The funny thing is that I met a change agent and married her. I got to feel what it’s like to have a change agent change me and what I realized is that as a change agent, I allowed myself to be changed by another change agent. What is the nature of a change agent?

A change agent is a human being who effects change in people, circumstances and situations with their presence. These change agents don’t look to change anything. Their inherent dynamism of self is so strong that it influences other humans to look at the people, circumstances and situations in their lives and make a change for the better, I have found from my experience both as a change agent and being effected by a change agent.

One key aspect that I noticed about being a change agent was that I never worried about change. I didn’t stress over changing. I accepted change and worked on the new aspect of my life the change brought. I did this over and over again in my life. It became a habit. It usually came easily. For example, in my life, it was no big deal to change from living in one major city to another major city on different coasts of the United States. It wasn’t difficult to cold turkey a career in theatre to go into media sales in a much smaller town. It wasn’t difficult to see my wife change from being an actress in NYC and LA to being a High School theatre instructor in Las Vegas. There are many other instances of my life changing and the above are just a few.

I know that change is not easy for most humans. It’s often troublesome and difficult to make major life changes including losing a loved one to death. May I suggest that you become a change agent and
more easily accept change in your life by realizing that change is the constant. Trying to stay the same is the artificial reality. There is never staying the doesn’t exist. The human body changes completely every seven years and that is, every cell is completely different.The you you were seven years ago is not the same you now. The you you are now is a different version of you. Let that sink in.

Change is inevitable. Where humans have problems is in trying to hold on to staying the same and that brings psychosis. All humans are really change agents. Accept yourself for that.


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