Worry Is An Addiction

Why worry when you can pray? Why worry when you, as a human being, have the inherent superpower of intending any reality into manifestation? Since humans by nature, have strength of heart and clarity of mind when they decide to use these abilities, I see worry as an addiction of an unbalanced ego. How is this so?

One of the hallmarks of the ego is it’s desire to control. When it feels, mistakenly, that it has no control, when it does not want to let things unfold in their natural way, it creates an addiction called worrying. Worry is really an obsessive/compulsive disorder born of the ego’s lack of trust in the very soul that created it. Worry is the lack of trusting that everything is and will be OK.

Instead of getting addicted to the over-controlling urges of the ego in worrying, I prefer to allow the unfolding of what I cannot control with the awareness that I am there in concern, in compassion, in mindfulness for myself and others and that I see that there may be deeper reasons for what is happening that are beyond my control. I don’t worry about it; I act on it, I bring about to the best of my ability. I listen to my emotions which are action requiring programs. I don’t rationalize, I don’t fool myself. I listen to the voice of my Spirit, I listen to the voices of those with whom I have sought counsel.

My presence, my state of awareness, consciousness and mindfulness is all I can contribute to the unfolding of my life and the life of others. In this capacity, I am there for myself and others and relinquish my ego’s addiction to worry.


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