Whatever You Do, You Consume

I have found that whatever I do, whether it’s viewing a sunset, meditating, talking with a friend, watching the news, a movie, reading a book, I am consuming the energy of those things into my consciousness and my consciousness is affected by them.

When I watch a violent or horror movie, my consciousness is riddled with fear and the same goes for anything I put into my consciousness, good or bad, violent or peaceful...it becomes a part of me as in garbage in, garbage out. Why is this important?

For me, this is critically important because our world not only has an over abundance of media outlets that disseminate mostly bellicose information but most people express negativity and gossip. My consciousness is in a constant battle to clear itself of all this fear and violence because that is not who I am. I am not fearful, violent and bellicose and I don’t want to feed on that energy as it causes me to be unconscious and depressed. I’m not interested in being a sad sack.

While I am not perfect at this, I seek to consume as much love, peace, and happiness so that my consciousness can be a clear and abiding place for my soul, my Spirit, The in-dwelling of the All There Is. Watching constant negative news, movies, books and dealing with negative friends and family only tightens the drip of drama on one’s psyche.

I have stopped feeding on, stopped consuming so much of the bellicosity of the world and I have cleared all that negative clutter for greater clarity and peace. I live in mindful awareness of what I consume because that consumption makes me who I am.


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