What Do We Conquer?

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” Edmund Hillary

I have experienced that life is about conquering the fears within ourselves that helps us to grow our
confidence to take on greater challenges. With each conquering of a fear, our ego is parented that we

may become more bold and throw off the shackles of the cognitive trap that our fears are real as our ego would have us believe. Is there a problem here? Inherently, there is no problem except that we as a collective human species have bought into the idea that fear has merit. It does not. F. E. A. R. is “false evidence appearing real.” Fear is a mental block. How do we overcome this mental aberration?

Humans have built into them a fight or flight response to stress. Of course, this is a protective defense mechanism except when it’s not and most of the time, our fears are unfounded as we tend to imagine
the worse. We can begin to conquer our inner fears by eventually doing the thing we fear, feeling fearful but doing it anyway and at first conquering small and manageable fears to give us the confidence to easily handle the big fear. If you have a fear of snakes, you’re not going to go to the Amazon to encounter a live python. You could do that but you’d be risking your life. What you want to do is approach your fear of snakes in a small and manageable way like going to a zoo and looking in on the reptiles who are behind glass. Perhaps you go to a pet store and hold a small snake for a minute or maybe just get a book on snakes and look at the pictures for a while. The idea is to start small and build up to where you can let go of this fear you have faced.

The fear is inside us, not in the thing itself. Our capacity to process something as danger is a part of what we use to keep ourselves alive but we cannot allow imagined fears to hold us back from enjoying a more full life.


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