The Shape Of Water

The Shape Of Water, now the title of a many Oscar nominated film by Guillermo del Torro and a story that has many positive themes, one of which I interpreted as the reality that humans are, like water itself in that we are made of 75% water and can fill any container with our love, with our soul and with our feelings. We can love ourselves, love others, love our life, life the earth, love nature and be love in every moment.

Our soul, like water, can also fill any container and shape itself as a human or any other format like an animal or planet. What are the implications of this? The implications are that we are not fixed in the finite container we call our human body. Our body is a thought and a feeling.We can shape our consciousness, our emotions and even our physical reality, body included, to whatever we intend. We are Infinite.

Water is a flowing element and like water, humans have the ability to experience flow in their lives, their awareness. Water also represents emotion and like water, our emotions are meant to flow, meant to cause action, meant to tell us how we feel. The is how we human beings, like water, shape a reality, shape our reality. We are water in human form and water has intelligence.

I believe this is an important theme for human beings now because we are too fixed in ourselves as humans. The message of The Shape Of Water reminds us that we are shapeshifters and have the ability to take on the shape of any container we desire to inhabit. That shape is not a thing to judge but a thing to Love because it is Love. Formats that contain soul are varied and infinite. Who is to judge if the container is different than a human one?

Love, feelings, thoughts can be “shaped” just like water. The human being is a shape of water.


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