The Macrocosm Invited Me

During this lifetime, I was invited by the Macrocosm to progress toward the All. What is the significance of this and why should you care? Initially, I received many invitations by the Macrocosm to progress toward the All but I didn’t have the awareness to grasp the meaning and truth of this invitation. I discovered that I was misunderstanding the invitation.

To be invited by the Macrocosm to progress toward the All is an invitation by Spirit, by God to realize that the All is in each human being and to open up to, connect with the realization that every human is the All in microcosmic form. To progress toward the All simply meant awakening to the reality that I was already the All but was conditioned to believe that the All was somewhere outside of me. The All was asking me to be it and that is what is meant by progressing toward the All.

This has huge significance for every human on the planet, most of whom believe, through religious conditioning, that the All is out there somewhere and is not them. They do not want to be God, the All. They see this reality of being the All as blasphemous.

The reality is that if you want a connection with the All, with God, with Spirit, you must be it. You must allow yourself to progress to the All which is seeing the All in yourself and everything around you.

The All is you and you are the All. No way of getting around it. You can argue for what your religion says, what the Bible says and you will find yourself staying in your microcosmic mindset...Godless.


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