The Human Matrix Is More Than Ego

The Human Matrix, the complex known as human being is so much more than the persona/psyche/ego yet most of the humans on the planet are ensnared by the ego’s machinations and live strictly in an egoic centered awareness. How can you tell this is true? Look at the behavior of most humans here on Earth: comparing, competitive, judging, seeking approval and to approve and controlling. There are other paradigms of the Human Matrix. What are they?

Human beings are a complex also made up of emotions, feeling, a physicality that has innate intelligence all its own, a soul and Spirit. Most humans ignore this side of their human being and from this ignorance arises most if not all of humanity’s problems. What I am inferring here is that most humans ignore their emotions, their soul and their Spirit, relying mostly on their intellect, the ego part of their complex. We see this in most humans acting in a soulless manner. Everything is linear, rational, overthought with no sensitivity to what is going on with their subconscious, their soul. This has led to a spiritual crises where humans feel that life is worthless, has no intrinsic meaning. There is too much obsessive/compulsive disorder. This is not the truth.

Our emotions, our souls and Spirit give us meaning, understanding, knowledge, awareness and wisdom. Yet we ignore our souls. This sorry state of affairs is ending now as more and more humans across the planet are beginning to wake up, become aware, parent their ego and become more soulful beings. When most of the humans have become soul-based on Earth, we will have a planet of peace and abundance. We will never be perfect but we will let go of ego-centered behavior and beliefs.

We may not always see eye to eye but we will not lead with our egos wanting to eat or be eaten.


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