Spiritual Master

From my experience of being on a spiritual path for many lifetimes, I have the awareness that my being on Earth, in human form, is a spiritual path during which my central reason for being here is to expand my soul’s awareness and experience a form of soul correction where I raise my consciousness to higher levels. In this life, I have come to understand a certain level of spiritual mastery and continue to pay attention to refining the following six traits of a spiritual master:

1. A spiritual master is free of judgement and prejudice.

2. A spiritual master is sensitive but non-reactionary.

3. A spiritual master teaches others naturally.

4. A spiritual master is the personification of the Force Of Love.

5. A spiritual master is free of attachments.

6. A spiritual master has a deep connection and respect for the earth and everything that lives on it.

While these can be added to, these precepts are at the core of spiritual mastery in human form. When you have gained mastery in these, that is for earth, for your human incarnation which will be a part of your soul’s awareness. When you are no longer in body, there is still more that you can master. I have found that the word master really signifies “level.” You can always attain higher levels of mastery no matter who you think you are.


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