Spirit Doesn’t Work Hard To Intend

When Spirit intends to bring a thing about, it says, “I am effortlessly intending that this come about.” The accent is on the “effortlessly” because, from my experience as Spirit, with Spirit, there is no strain, no demands, no back-breaking work that Spirit does to make things happen. It is called implicit intent and that is the true nature of Spirit.

Yet humans insist that making things happen, intending a reality into being is so hard. Humans think harder and harder work is the answer to making something manifest. It isn’t. Surprise!!! 

Manifesting is simply using the power of thought and emotion to bring a thing about and allowing the subconscious mind to assist with the necessary cues it supplies to take certain actions to make the thing happen. Why is this difficult for most of humanity?

Humanity finds manifesting difficult because it believes it is difficult. It has been conditioned to believe that hard work manifests and thinking and feeling are for the elite, the special, the powerful. Wrong!!! All human beings have intentional power through the use of thought and feeling but they ignore or refute it because they have been told to do so. 

The rich and powerful have discovered the effortlessness in making a reality appear. They make their money work for them while they sleep. Anyone can do this. The rich and powerful are no better than you or me. 

Resolve to change your mindset to seeing intention as effortless. Intend the thing you desire then get
out of the way and let your subconscious help you create the people, actions and situations to make your dreams a reality. Don’t obsess about your intention and don’t worry about how your subconscious will assist you in making it happen. Trust that it will happen. Trust yourself and trust Spirit. This is not some flimflam. It works. It’s real. Thought and feeling are manifestors. Be mindful, not mindless. 


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