Own Your Grandeur

It is high time, from my perspective, that humans on Earth own their grandeur, not their grandiosity because, what humans are experiencing is their own state of consciousness projected. What is meant by this and why is it important?

What is meant by this is that most humans on the planet are in the state of consciousness of their ego that looks to be grandiose, better than, with a hidden agenda, competitive, comparing, controlling, seeking to approve and judge. These grandiose humans project this state of consciousness onto their life experiences and they get this back as their experience. They become trapped in the ego defined Matrix that says “eat or be eaten.” They wonder why they are so stressed. When you own your grandeur, you are coming from a state of consciousness that is of the soul, of the power of Spirit, of the heart. In this consciousness, you are Love and that’s what you project and that’s what you get back. Your life is soulful, mindful not soulless and mindless as ego is that cries me, me, me!

For me, the importance of unplugging from the grandiosity of the ego-driven Matrix is realizing that when you project ego grandiosity, that’s what you get back. You get back Judgement, Control, Approval, Competition, Comparison and a host of egocentric realities that are harsh and unrelenting because they are realities for the sake of themselves and have no real redeeming qualities.

In my world, I find it more peaceful and loving to own my grandeur and that’s the consciousness I project. I can navigate the ego driven matrix and I prefer to live as my soul with my ego in check.


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