My Holistic Self

“It is when I am at one and in coherence with my holistic self in daily communion that I am led down the path of non-stop opening doors.” I Am Avatar

I have written about the above state of being very frequently and I am familiar with living this way. For me, I am often surprised that not everyone is of this awareness. So, for those not familiar with this state of existence, please allow me to elucidate on what I experience.

The state of awareness of being “at one and in coherence with my holistic self” is a state where I live in true connection with my soul, my Spirit, my Higher Self, That is, I am consciously connected with The Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. In this state I am able to be, not only aware that I am Spirit having a physical experience, but also a living spiritual being who can do spiritual blessings, miracles, synchronicities, psychic mediumship, clairvoyance, astral travel, lucid dreaming and healing of myself and others. I can manifest anything on the physical level.

This is a natural state that ANYONE can be in when allowing of their true state of being “with my holistic self in daily communion.” It’s like having natural super-powers that allow you to be “led down the path of non-stop opening doors.” This is a state of what I experience as flow where all desired things come to me.

I live this way. It is real. It takes allowance, dedication and alignment with the All There Is in appreciation, gratitude and thanksgiving.


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