Love Is An Abstract Noun

I volunteer to help improve the reading of second language grade school students and yesterday I was reminded about the meaning of an abstract noun. While an abstract noun is still characterized as a noun, it is considered abstract because it cannot be apprehended with the five senses. In the example with my student, the abstract noun was Love.

We consider Love “abstract” because we cannot see, touch, taste, hear or smell Love. To me, the world’s grammatical definition of Love is at the very heart of why many humans experiencing, speaking or writing of Love do not grasp what it really is. They perceive it as “abstract” when in reality, Love is the greatest Force in the Cosmos. Why do we see this thing, this noun called Love as theoretical and not as the powerful and useful Force that it is? Do we reduce it to an also ran because we see emotion and feeling Love as weak?

My experience is that most humans don’t believe in anything they can’t experience with their five senses. The common belief of humanity is “seeing is believing” when it can be “believing is feeling” or “believing is seeing.” The weird thing is that most people feel Love, give Love, want Love but they relegate it to something spooky, something unseen, something “abstract.” They refuse to see and use Love as the incredibly powerful Force that it is and as this Force, it is NOT an “abstract” noun; it IS a noun because it CAN be apprehended with the five senses when we allow our hearts to experience the Love in all things with a sense of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness and feel our hearts flutter, our skin tingle, our ears buzz, our noses swell, our taste buds explode!!!

To use the Force of Love is to consciously use the power of Love in all things human and beyond and to see it, not as an abstraction but as a thing to be reckoned with that is as real as any physical thing.

Be Love now.


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