In The Ordinary, I Find The Special

As I continue to walk the path of ever expanding conscious awareness, I am finding deeper spiritual meaning in every day living. All the so-called small things of life are not small. I find meaning and love in the waking up to all the abundance and prosperity that is inherent in life. In the ordinary, I find
the special. How do I do this?

I discovered this way of being through the awakened state of being mindful. This state of mindfulness helped me to break out of my conditioned, mindless response to life, that is, the response that had me believing that the small, ordinary things of life were meaningless. I discovered that this meaninglessness was the result of my unsatisfied ego that always wanted more and more. It wanted more money, more food, more things. It did not see satisfaction in having what I needed. It wanted to add on to its grandiosity with no end in sight. How did I contain this?

I began to contain this by asking my ego “what is enough, when is something enough?” My ego’s response was “there is never enough!” I asked my ego why this is so and it reminded me that it was not real but is a thought construct of my own creation.

Once I realized that I am my ego, I changed my way of seeing things in that, I switched my way of thinking to that of my soul. I saw beauty, joy, love and happiness in the every day. I no longer looked for satisfaction in things. I looked for awareness in things and a whole new reality, a whole new world of beauty opened up to me in seeing Spirit in everything.

This new awareness allowed me to see the Sacred in everything. Nothing is ordinary. What we see as ordinary is really special. This completely changes how we see the world since nothing is mundane. This way of perceiving is diametrically opposed to seeing the world as most people see it: random, hard, ordinary, mundane and soulless.

From my vantage point, the world is beautiful, ordered, alive, intelligent, special and soulful. To see the world in this way is true happiness.


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