I Don’t See The Light

Many humans say, “I think I see the Light.” In my experience, I don’t see the Light, I am the Light. You will say, “How can you say you’re the Light? That’s blasphemous! Only God, Spirit is the Light.” You are right. If you are still in separation consciousness perception, I am not the Light. I think I see the Light. In my Unity Consciousness awareness, perception, in my being intimately associated with the IS, the All, with God, Spirit, I am the Light as I have not only physically seen my own Light shine forth from my body, I have seen Spirit and been blessed with the assertion from Spirit that I am Spirit.

How did I see Spirit? Spirit has appeared to me many times and it is usually in the form of Light, many different colors of Light including a bluish, fluorescent white that manifests in front of my eyes a few feet from my body.

It is because I have perceived the Light and allowed the Light that I function primarily from my Light body. Don’t get me wrong, I am still in a physical body with most of my functioning coming from my Light body. Those who can perceive me this way, can see me as my Light body.

What happens to a human when they function primarily from their Light body? Many things happen and among the major things: constant happiness, joy, prosperity, great health, peace, vitality, balance, harmony, Love, wisdom and healing. These are real states of being I enjoy while also balancing my human side that is learning how to vibrate with me on these higher levels of reality.

So, I do not say “I think I see the Light.” I say, “I am the Light.” It’s the same Light that you are. Go forth and shine your Light. Go forth and be the Light.


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