I Am Not In Survival Mode

I gave up, I relinquished being in survival mode where I was constantly on an alert to get mine at your exclusion. Now, I am in sustenance, I am sustained. What does that mean and why does it matter?

It means that I am no longer worried where anything comes from, where it comes from as, no matter what, I am provided for. I stand in my true nature which is an abundant, prosperous being who can manifest at will as a co-creator with Spirit, God, the All. I trust that everything is always, will always be OK. I trust in myself, I trust in Spirit. I am still human with doubts, fantasies, dreams, hopes and disappointments but I do not let these aspects of myself stop me from being open to receiving blessings. I do not punish myself for my weaknesses or insecurities.

I have come to trust that I am a major manifestor and with this quiet confidence, I just intend my reality and it comes about. There is no need to stress in survival mode. Rest assured that I don’t sit and wait for something to happen. I am actively engaged in my sustaining myself with my thoughts, feelings and awareness that I am an integral part of that which sustains me and the sustenance itself.

This is a journey of trust and having the courage to change one’s identication with lack to one of abundance. There is always sustenance which is the true state of our nature. There is not always survival. You get to choose.


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