How To Start On Your Wisdom Path

From my experience as a Wisdom Keeper, that is, someone who walks a path of wisdom in daily life, connecting with my soulfulness as a way of life, I have found the following practices excellent ways of not only beginning a life on the Wisdom Path but also staying on that path:

1. Always speak your truth.

2. Trust your uniqueness.

3. Don’t expect to have all the answers.

4. Stop people pleasing.

5. Intimately know yourself.

While the Wisdom Path is a path of the process of  always becoming and there is no destination, just a state of being, the practices above help remind us that this path is an infinite path and is the path of being here now. The above practices help, I have found, with always pointing us back to the now. There is no “there,” as in, we are not going anywhere. We are right here and the Wisdom Path is just a metaphor for the reality that we are always becoming more within ourselves. The state that you are in right now is enough because you are always traveling down the good red road.


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