Being Aware

Being aware in our day to day lives is not just being aware of ourselves and the consequences of our actions. From my experience, it is being aware of and for others around you. A good example is driving a vehicle. While driving, you must be aware of others and also be aware of their intentions when you want to drive as safely as possible.

Why must we be aware of not only ourselves but of others when we want to live a more calm and unperturbed life? What I have found is my need to be hyper-aware of others is because most others are distracted. Most people allow themselves to be distracted from paying attention to, not only the easy things in life, like walking down the street or driving a car because they are texting but the more esoteric things like manifesting their desires, manifesting their abundance.

If you are bumping into people or having car accidents while driving or you are not manifesting your desires, your abundance, you’re distracted. Distraction is not just being distracted for a moment, it is your allowance of conditioned and purposeful distraction like being conditioned into constantly going on Facebook or your cellphone, not wanting to feel certain unpleasant feelings so you use alcohol consumption, an addiction, TV viewing, sex, food, and OCD syndromes.

Being aware does not mean always being “on,” being hyper-vigilant, it means knowing that you are not conditioned to relinquish your attention to a thing when you need it, it means being mindful, not mindless, it means not just vegetating out. It means being here now.

To me, this mindful approach saves on suffering.


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