You Are Playing A Role

Who and what are we human beings? From my exploring beyond the safe boundaries of this simulation called Human, I have discovered that we humans are a persona/psyche/ego projected by our soul playing a role in a 3rd dimensional sandbox, a stage program called Earth. We are actors creating scenarios with other actors and our personae, our personalities are the characters we are portraying.

Many humans don’t even realize they’re playing a part in their own and others’ dramas and comedies. They stay stuck in a one-dimensional role-play repeating the same actions, the same limited character over and over, never exploring a more expanded version of themselves. They wonder why they are so depressed! They are depressed because they have no sense of play and they confine themselves to an oh so serious interpretation of who they think they are instead of doing some improvising now and again to explore beyond the boundaries of their complacent, repetitive role play. They are bored to tears with themselves. Who am I, am I my resume?

How do we break out of the confines of this narrow-minded sense of ourselves? What I discovered is, in order to free myself from the one-dimensional personality prison I was in, I had to stop taking myself so seriously. I had to gain a sense of play about myself and realize that I am an unfathomable mean, lean, role-playing machine, meaning I can expand upon my role-playing to be more than I thought I was. I recognized that I was letting others define me and living according to that definition. I realized that I was not even thinking my own thoughts but was thinking what Society spoon-fed me and following the lines of Society’s whims very closely. So, I decided to be myself and realize that I can make myself more fun for myself.

The first thing I did was stop taking myself so seriously. I started to develop a sense of playfulness in my life. I dropped the pretense of being me and started releasing my personal history that I was using to stay the same, to see things the same old way. I let go of my righteous indignation, my opinions, beliefs, ideas, perceptions and behaviors that were limiting me and making me unhappy. I stopped judging, approving and controlling others and started seeing others as characters in my play, my scenario, my simulated program and I was also a character in their play. When I did this, I realized that the only real part of me was my soul. My persona/psyche/ego is a simulation that I can mold, manipulate, shape shift and my soul was the real being pulling the strings.

So, now I laugh at my demons, I confront my shadow side, I live footloose and fancy free knowing that I can act any way I want and when people say, “you’re not acting like yourself,” my response is, “I’m not that self today.”

I can be many characters, have many emotions and am not a one-trick pony.


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