Who And What Is The “Me” That Parents My Ego

My Ego is a thought construct endemic to my human physical, mental, emotional and spiritual complex that I like to call my persona/psyche/ego. This part of me is the ideation of my soul created for the singular purpose of having an identity that navigates as a self in the Earth plane. This self, when not controlled, runs amok like a child in her terrible two’s and in an adult body creates havoc on Earth through murder, wars, greed, intolerance, hate, jealousy, fear and the list goes on.

In my perception, I have the overarching desire to control, to parent this part of my human nature that I may be a being of maturity, of peace, of Love. What is that part of me, other than my persona/psyche/ego that is responsible for controlling, parenting my ego?

There is a part of every human that is an observer, a witness to the behavior of its ego and that part is the human’s soul. The issue at hand, as I perceive it, is that no one is connecting with their soul, so how would they know to parent their ego? What I see is that our society does not teach us to recognize our soul, to connect with it and let it guide us in matters of the ego. We allow ourselves to stay adrift in a shallow, egocentric approach to life that values competition, comparison, one upsmanship, control, judgement and approval.

When we connect with our soul and allow it to be our guide, we become aware of the machinations of the ego, the language of the ego versus the language of the soul and we are able, as we distinguish between the differences, to choose to parent our out-of-control ego or not.

I believe in healthy competition and comparison but not for their own sake which is what ego likes. When my ego exhorts that I am better than others, this is when I call upon my soul to step in and remind my ego that I am no better than anyone else, I am just different.

Parenting my ego, I have come to believe, is a sign of my maturing soul. I have matured as a human and I am no longer in my terrible two’s. My spiritual adolescent is being confronted by my spiritual adult. It’s saying, “ Grow up, Human.”


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