When You Call Me, Use Your Soul Phone

When you call me, you don’t have to use your physical phone. Not at all. You, instead, can use your soul phone! Oh, you don’t have a soul phone, you say? Well, you do have a soul phone, you just think you don’t. All human beings have soul phones. It’s call their clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc. and all you have to do is use that power of feeling, seeing and hearing my presence in your mind’s awareness and bingo, you have “called” me on your soul phone. No radio waves needed. I do this and it works. I even call the deceased. Hello, grandma?

You may ask, why do I use the term “soul” phone? I use the term “soul” phone because you are using your soul to communicate with me. Even when you speak to me using your human voice, your soul is doing the real talking.  The soul speaks in feelings, visions, psychic impressions, etc. This soul aspect of most human beings goes unused or lies dormant because religion and society tells them that psychic abilities are bad, evil, satanic, Dark, and negative. It’s a big lie used to imprison humanity to control it. Our souls are real and they use psychic aspects as a part of their being and communicating. There is no evil there. It’s religion and society that’s evil. Just look at religion and society’s behavior: Murder, War, Greed, Control, Judgement, Dogma and the list goes on and on.

I have never murdered, made war, Am Not greedy, do not seek to control, am not judgmental and don’t follow religious dogma. So, I am labeled by religion and society as evil and blasphemous when I am the most loving, peaceful, giving person on the planet.

I use my soul phone to call people. The ones who have turned on their soul phone always answer me. Time to turn on yours?


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