What You Are, You Attract

The Law of Attraction is based on what you are. When you want to attract a thing into your life, that is anything from Love to a person, from money to other material objects, first look at what you are for that is what will manifest in your life. What does what you are mean? What you are is what and how you think, your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, behaviors, actions. What you are caused you to vibrate at a certain level of reality, of awareness, of consciousness. If what you are is generally unconscious, that is, you are not aware of why or how a thing manifests in your life, you have no clear intention as to manifesting that thing in your life, you are living unconsciously, you are unconscious and what you attract in your life will be things you generally are confused about why they are there. You will feel like a victim and say, “why me?, why did this happen to me, why did I attract this person into my life?”

You are what you think because your thoughts cause you to vibrate at a certain frequency. If you are vibrating confusion, your reality will be a manifestation of that confusion. See where I’m going with this?

If and when you want to be the conscious, major manifestor that you are, begin by practicing cleaning your connecting link to intent by clarifying your intentions, your thoughts. You gain clarity of intention and thoughts when you use your thoughts and intent with purpose, that is, you are aware of what you think and intend in every moment. You become watchful of your thoughts and you don’t let unwanted thoughts and intentions enter your thinking as in repeatedly thinking some unwanted thing.

If you have a repeated program (thoughts) repeating in your mind, sign out of that program (thought) by resolving to change your thoughts with desired thoughts. This takes time as we often condition ourselves with the same repeated thoughts that we find difficult to stop. Work on bringing into your mind the kind of thoughts you want. For example, if you are sad about a relationship that has ended and can’t stop thinking about the person, stop thinking about the breakup and think about the beautiful time you had together and realize there is nothing to be unhappy about. Feel a sense of gladness that you shared some time with this person and were made better for it. With this new sense of contentedness, someone else will appear in your domain. Trust me on this. It has happened for me.

When you change your thinking, you change who you are and you attract into your life the new reality of your new thinking. Just make sure your thinking about something you really want, that you intend with conscious awareness. Don’t let your thoughts rule you. You can control your thoughts and manifest whatever you desire into your life. After all, you are a major manifestor.


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