Use The Force Of Grace

I encourage myself and all those reading this post to engage in using the Force of Grace in every aspect of our lives. What is the Force of Grace and why should we use it in every moment?

From what I have found, the Force of Grace is that Force that emanates from a human when that human is vibrating Soul-Force or what I call the projection of the Sacred Space of Spirit. What I have found by being in this space and encountering others in this space is a condition where they are Zen. They don’t allow the little or even the big things in life to rattle them where they are permanently knocked off balance. That is to say that they may be knocked off balance since they are human but always, always come back to center. They maintain loving-detachment.

Being in the Sacred Space Of Spirit, in the Force of Grace is a state defined by being soulful. You are no longer beholden to your ego and that means you don’t seek comparison, competition, control, approval, judgement and survival. You are in the Force of Grace that has the vibration of peace, Love, kindness, giving, nonjudgement, tolerance, and compassion. You are aligned with soul, with Spirit which is indestructible. When you live in a state of indestructibilty, nothing illusive, nothing false can harm or deter you. It is a preferable state, in my perception and experience, to the state of ego that engenders worry, confusion, survival, hate, greed, anger and fear. I believe we could use more humans to be in the Force of Grace.

In the State of Grace, there is easy manifestation, an ease of living because you know the permanence of Spirit and you are that. The Force of Grace is being the permanence Of Spirit during your spiritual path while you are human. This acknowledgement and being the Force of Grace while in human form touches and informs your spiritual journey across the arc of your cosmic journey through infinity. This you wear as a badge of honor because you have grown your awareness to know that your true essence is Spirit. Once you know, you can and must be.


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