Uplift, Motivate, Comfort, Heal And Inspire

Your job as a human being, as I comprehend it, living on Earth amongst other human beings is to uplift, motivate, comfort, heal and inspire all others around you. If you are not doing this daily, you are not doing your job as a human, it’s that simple.

The second aspect of this way of life is to not forget yourself. Your job is to uplift, motivate, comfort, heal and inspire yourself. One easy way to achieve this level of positive living is to start by doing it for others. To get, you must give. Be a beacon of light for those around you and you will be a beacon of light for yourself.

If you are looking for a spiritual way of living it is through uplifting, motivating, comforting, healing and inspiring those around you who need these positive practices in their life.

Most people believe they have nothing to offer. This is not true as everyone has the above qualities to offer those around them. It is a matter of doing and in doing, practicing. Each of us can learn how to uplift, motivate, comfort, heal and inspire those around us including complete strangers. This does not have to be grandiose as in healing the world. Start with healing yourself first and that’s the first step to healing the world. Healing yourself affects everyone around you. We are all connected, so what you change in yourself for the better, you are helping to change in others by showing them that it is possible, amidst negativity, to uplift, motivate, comfort, heal and inspire themselves and others.

When you want to find meaning in your life, you can find meaning by being one who uplifts, motivates, comforts, heals and inspires others to be more than they thought they were. By behaving as one who practices these positive actions with others, your focus is no longer on your own suffering, self-denial, anger, intolerance, stress, unhappiness, fear and greed. Your focus is on other-self, making this world a better place by your presence in it.

You don’t have to argue with someone you don’t agree with or kill them because they are of a different religion. Let them have their ways. You have yours. By coming at them with an uplifting, motivating, comforting, healing and inspiring attitude, you open the door for them to see beyond their hate in most cases.

Understand that there are many so-called bad people in the world who do harm for their beliefs and perhaps they are not ready to hear a positive message from you. Let them be. Gravitate toward those who are in need but are open to being uplifted, motivated, comforted, healed and inspired.

Those that are closed-minded by their hate, intolerance and dogma must be left to fend for themselves if they are not willing to make the world a safer, more harmonious and better place. Let them come to you when they are ready. They always do.


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