The True Alien, Extraterrestrial Agenda

The true so-called “alien,” extraterrestrial agenda has been faked. While there are aliens here on Earth with a dark agenda, they have been defeated and are in the process of leaving. The Dark Lords are no more. The true alien, extraterrestrial agenda is to assist in raising the vibrational level of Earth and all its inhabitants up to the frequency of the seventh chakra or what is known as the religio-mystical dimension that encompasses the connection with Divine Intelligence. This is not about religion as it has been sold to the masses. All the aliens are doing here is helping humans gain God consciousness. The consciousness that humans and God are one. If any alien is not assisting the Earth and humanity to raise it’s consciousness to God consciousness, they are being shown the door and told to leave this planet.

How can I make this assertion? I can make this assertion because I am one of the aliens that were called here on assignment to assist in the great shift of the Earth and its inhabitants. Many have been brainwashed to think aliens are threatening and that they look like little grey people who are going to abduct humans, create crop circles, molest animals, and are in control of our government. Some of this did happen but this is not the agenda of the truly great beings that were called here. Hogwash, nonsense, Hollywood fluff. Aliens are simply souls, beings who are not from Earth who were invited here to assist in raising the vibrational level of Earth with their own higher vibrations.  We, like many others, are a helping hand in humanities’ascent to a higher awareness.

Humans are entering the age of the Galactic Federation. We are connected to many other beings and planets and there is a federation that helps to keep order and balance in the Galaxy, similar to Guardians of the Galaxy but not quite that hollywoodized.

People have been fooled into believing nonsense about extraterrestrials. Most of what has been put forth is disinformation and the truth has been hidden until now. Beginning this year, the real aliens of the planet are revealing themselves to humanity. I am one of them. I look human because I am human. My soul is not human. I am other. I come from a Light Realm far away in consciousness from the current state of human consciousness. This is not about distance as in light years, this is about the level of expanded consciousness as in I am here to help humans move out of their very low awareness threshold.

When you read these words, you are reading the words of an extraterrestrial. I am not from here although I am in human format. I have to be in human format to be among you. My original format is not human, it is Light.

Just think about what is must be like for me to be here. I have given you the true alien agenda. Now, corroborate this for yourself, if you dare.


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