The Spiritual Path Vs The Spiritual Journey

Every human soul walks a spiritual “path” while on Earth whether the human is totally aware of and conscious of fulfilling this “path” or not. Every human soul has a reason for incarnating on this planet. It is always for some expansion of the soul’s awareness. For example, a soul could choose to incarnate to learn how to go from everything being all about them to about being in service to others. Once the soul achieves its mission on Earth, it leaves the body. In some cases, if the human is not consciously moving to achieve its soul’s reason for being in body, its soul will try and get the human’s attention through something traumatic. This is a never ending continuum.

These soul corrections on the human plane cause an expansion in the soul’s awareness and the soul achieves a higher consciousness. This expanded soul awareness informs the soul’s Cosmic trajectory in its spiritual “journey” through infinity. For example, a soul, after expanding its awareness to a certain degree on a planet like Earth will go to another planet, realm, dimension, universe, etc. that has a higher consciousness where that soul will embark on more ambitious programs of soul awareness expansion. Perhaps that soul will be an avatar like a Jesus or Buddha or some kind of Ascended master working on healing a planet. See where I’m going with this?

Your Spiritual “path” is your terrestrial soul correction and your spiritual “journey” is your moving through infinity to higher and higher platforms where you can be your expanded awareness in a setting that you can contribute to, where you are needed in spiritual leadership.

Each incarnated soul experience informs your oversoul. As your soul expands, so does your oversoul. Your human body is your soul in a slower vibratory state and your oversoul is your soul in its pure, higher vibratory state. Only a small piece of your soul is with you in human form. The rest of you is in its spiritual state on the other side of the veil.

I believe it’s important to have realization of both one’s spiritual path AND spiritual journey. To do that takes what I like to call a quantum leap. The only way to begin to fathom this it to unplug from the matrix. Lessen your distractions. If you are not moving toward awareness of your spiritual path and spiritual journey, you are distracted. As Morpheus told Neo, follow the white rabbit. Down the rabbit hole anyone?


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