The New Jerusalem

The new Jerusalem will not be in Israel because the New Jerusalem is a metaphor for the new, human consciousness on Earth, the new awareness paradigm that will be lived by all of humanity with a few exceptions. It is here now, developing as I write. What will be the qualities of this new Earth called the New Jerusalem?

Here is how the higher consciousness of the new Jerusalem will be embodied in all human beings:

1. 24th Chromosome Pair - humans will have their quantum energy 24th chromosome come on line
and enhance their biology so that they will fight off all diseases.

2. Multidimensional- humans will move away from being fixated with and in 3D linearity.

3. Past Life Remembrance - Humans will remember they lived before.

4. Awakening To Past Wisdom - Humans will be born wise instead of re-learning wisdom in their
new life.

5. Timelessness - Humans will realize that time is a construct that moves forward and backward as far
as being able to see future lifetimes.

6. Multidimensional Biology - Humans will be super-immune, with super abilities.

7. Nothing Is Singular - Humans will be aware that they are not alone and are from a soul group.

There is much more to this New Jerusalem that you can read about in the lastest Kryon Channel at

Look for these changes in humanity. They are already happening. Welcome to the New Jerusalem.


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