The Human Biome Is Homeostatic

The human biological system is a self-balancing system and seeks homeostasis as a natural, innate state of being. Then, why do we have sickness and die? We have sickness and die because our human lifestyles puts us out of balance. This out of balance lifestyle is engendered by how we think, our
spiritual and emotional awareness. What is meant by this?

It means that the body is meant to live a long time and our ego response to life, that is, believing that we are just organic machines, brings inharmonious thinking, emotions and lack of spiritual
congruence into our lives causing us to be demoralized, unhealthy and therefore out of balance leading to illness. Remember that the body speaks the mind, it’s feelings and state of spiritual
connection. When human beings put negative thoughts into their bodies, stuff their emotions down into their subconscious and refute their souls, the body withers. The body’s homeostatic strength is directly related to how and what you think, how you feel and your spiritual connection. I know this how? I know this from my life experience. I had to gain understanding, knowledge and practice of how to keep my body in balance and I discovered my three other bodies in this lifelong effort.

The mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our human being are also “bodies” just like our human body. They may not have physicality like our material body but they are matter as in they are manifested aspects of our being that form a complex known as human being. At all times as a human being, we are thought, feeling, spirit and flesh at the same time.

Where humans get into trouble is either ignoring, refuting, misusing or using religion to negate these bodies out of ourselves. I have witnessed that only when humans are out of balance, when they are
sick, do they once again remember they are thought, feeling and spirit by calling on these aspects in themselves to help them back to balance. Why get sick in order to realize what you are in the first place?

May I suggest that you become aware of, begin to understand, know and practice with your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies with conscious intent where you are aware of what kind of thoughts you have, how you really feel and what your soul tells you so that you can manage your human being complex with a more harmonious lifestyle. When you do, I’ll see you in 200 years!


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