Suffering And Self-Denial Are NOT Morally Superior Choices

As I delve beneath the surface of our reality I see that we humans have accepted as our daily bread the notion that suffering and self-denial are morally superior choices. I find this to be a false notion. Suffering and self-denial are not morally superior choices at all. Why do I see this?

I see this because I am perceptive to the real nature of the Laws of the Cosmos, one of which, is Karma. Karma is not a law that says you are going to be paid back for your bad actions through suffering and self-denial. That’s a fallacy and misguided. Karma is a Cosmic Law that provides humans with the teaching of experience by allowing you to experience how you behaved toward another that you may learn how it feels to treat them that way and learn from it. Karma can be positive or negative and often depends on how you perceive the teaching. In the world of man, we perceive things that are hard on us as bad. This is shortsighted and immature. Suffering and self-denial come when you ignore your Karmic lessons because when you ignore or refute your Karma, you kick your Karmic can down the road only to have this exact Karma come back to you again at a later time. This is true suffering and self-denial in my book and is not a morally superior choice.

I believe it a better choice to accept your Karma, negative or positive and take it as a learning tool and move on. Suffering and self-denial seems generated from religious beliefs that we must live in pain to be spiritually pure. Nonsense. We are already spiritually pure beings who are learning from our pitfalls, our mistakes that we came here to make and learn from.

The Law of Karma is not just for the few. It operates on everyone. If you believe it’s necessary to suffer and deny yourself happiness, peace, money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, Love, etc., you are living in self-indulgence because your real condition is one of sustainance and abundance, not poverty and lack.

Suffering and Self-denial are for those who remain unaware of their true nature and the truth about the Law of Karma.


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