Spiritual Understanding

Many scoff at “spiritual understanding” thinking and believing that it is weird. They are right, it is weird but it is also, from my experience, a perspective of living and life that opens one up to new ways of looking at life. What are these new ways? They are ways that help to see that there is so much more to life than is believed, there is more beneath the surface of life.

Spiritual understanding, for me, has helped me to scratch the surface of life and to see beauty beneath the difficulties, the ups and downs, the sadness, the suffering of life. I now look at all human behaviors, all human actions, motivations, mistakes with a different pair of lenses. Those lenses are the lenses of compassion, tolerance, understand, Love, gratitude and awareness. I no longer judge, approve of or control others because I have gained the spiritual understand that we are all in the process of becoming. Humans are a work in progress. Never completed. Ever. There is no destination, no there. There is only the journey. The spiritual path is what counts, not the road itself but the experience of the path, the road.

With this spiritual understanding, I savor the road. Everything in my life is more alive. I appreciate everything so much more. Colors, sounds, tastes, feelings, visions are much deeper, richer and fuller.

I live beneath the surface because of spiritual understanding that allows me to see that there’s so much more there to see. I recognize that I will never see everything because there is always more to see, more to know. I will never know everything, ever.

That is why spiritual understanding is a comfort to me. It allows me to feel infinity without anxiety since my human mind cannot comprehend infinity. Spiritual understanding has helped me see that I am infinite in this now moment. With this awareness, nothing can touch me. I am forever and everything else pales before that consciousness.


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