Religious Vs Spiritual

A prevailing perception in humanity is that religion and being spiritual are one and the same. From my experience, they are different. Let me explain. Religion is a compilation of rituals, including prayer, that seeks to know God, Spirit, Angels, Archangels and other positive spiritual beings in celebration of the understanding that God exists. This is not spiritual. Spiritual is about being God, Spirit, Angels, Archangels and other positive spiritual beings in the now moment as in Spirit and humans are one. Humans are Spirit, God having a physical experience.

Religion, I have been shown, seeks to objectify reality in the way of separation consciousness that beliefs God is out there in Heaven somewhere and that essentially there is no Spirit in anything including in humans. To the religious, God is separated from them. In religion, humans are made to believe that they must go to a Priest, Rabbi, Imam, Monk in a Church, Synagogue,  Mosque or Temple to get close to God. In being spiritual, the human being knows that all is one and God is inside them, that God is them in a physical form and they don’t have to go through anyone or thing. Religion is about the future of getting into Heaven. Spirituality is about a direct experience of Spirit, God in this now moment, knowing that Heaven is a state of mind and not a place.

In religion you pray for something or someone. In being spiritual you pray something or someone in thanks that the thing has already happened as in healing, miracles, etc. For instance, in religion, people pray FOR rain, for miracles. In being spiritual, people pray rain, pray miracles. This spiritual approach of praying rain, praying miracles, presupposes that rain and miracles are ALREADY HERE AND IT IS JUST A MATTER OF ATTUNEMENT. In religion, praying for is praying FOR A FUTURE EVENT OR CONDITION THAT WILL HOPEFULLY HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE!!!

Religion is future based and being spiritual is now based. Religion is mental, seeks to objectify and being spiritual is feeling as in a direct mystical experience of the Divine in the here and now.

Religion seeks to know God by following many laws, rituals, prayers, a sacred text, etc. Being Spiritual seeks to be God by walking a mystical path that experiences God in everything including the self. That spiritual experience is FELT, NOT THOUGHT.

There is a vast difference in the two approaches, I perceive as I live being spiritual and not religious. Please understand that I am not down on religion. By all means, please be religious. However, I have found that an experience of Spirit in the here and now is spiritual and not ritualizing many ceremonies, prayers, etc. to get to know and understand God.


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